by Yael David



This track is part of the fringeTRONICS cruise project. For the full album, go to: fringetronics.bandcamp.com/album/fringetronics-cruise


I'm tired of every goddamned thing being made in China
I'm tired of people telling me what to do with my vagina
I'm tired of having my life run by a big man holding an egg timer
Just watch me move in on you big and slow like an ocean liner

My first love was running and hiding in the corner
Not to be seen or heard by anyone I didn’t wanna
Being quiet as a mouse and putting my dreams on the shelf
Always taking on the shape of anybody but myself

Keeping every step of the way on the straight and narrow
Afraid to spark the world with my slings and arrows
Showered with sticks and stones and dicks and bones and words and semen
All the while feeding and burning my softly sleeping demons

Stop making me your expert on circumcision
Or for that matter any motherfucking executive decision
I reject this worldly truth which is stranger than fiction
So much that it’s no longer life - it’s an affliction

Why is it you motherfuckers love me to bits?
I wish it were my brains, but I know that it’s my tits
Stop sending me your photos and sneaking up on me from behind
One of these days it’s your ass gonna be on the line

I just wanted to give being normal a fucking chance
Everything that brought me here today is happenstance
And if it weren’t for that bit of love to keep me clear in the head
You know I’d be in a ditch somewhere, forgotten dead


released April 7, 2014
Concept, lyrics, looping, vocals, and shenanigans - Yael David
Production and dirty work - Amir Groman



all rights reserved


Yael David Israel

יעל דוד, אמא לשניים, יוצרת מקורית ומקומית מבאר שבע, בעלת גוון קול ייחודי וחלומי. היא יוצרת בכל חומר הבא ליד, כולל צבע, צליל, מילים, אדמה ואויר, ואולי בגיל 121 תשוב אל הירח.
השירים שיעל כותבת ומלחינה הם הזמנה לקפוץ למים סוערים, יד ביד עם אישיות יוצאת דופן שמעזה לגעת במקומות הכואבים ביותר והיפים ביותר שיש לנפשה ולעולם להציע. הזדמנות להאזין לאופן שבו מילים ומנגינה יכולות להיות באחת הפצע ורפואתו.
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